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Here are a few answers to our most common questions!

Q: Is Youth Entrepreneur School curriculum based?

A: This is a fluid, flexible curriculum that allows you and your children to learn at your own pace and customize your approach, just like the world of entrepreneurship. There is no one size fits all approach nor is it a step by step method. This structure allows children to bring out their natural talents, gifts and curiosity to thrive and develop a love for learning.

Q: What is the appropriate age to begin an entrepreneurial mindset in children?

A: It is never to early to start. How children learn matters, and the sooner the parents can implement this thinking and approach, the better. That being said, we recommend this for parents who have children eight and older. There is no doubt, though, that these are valuable lessons from early stage development on.

Q: Will there be grades?

A: Heck no! We focus on goals , not grades.True learning, leadership and problem solving doesn’t thrive when the question- “Will this be on the test?”, is asked.

Q: Is Youth Entrepreneur School geared towards homeschool families, or can children in traditional school thrive here?

A: The answer is both types can thrive here! Homeschool families can have an advantage, simply because they might have more time with their children to do this, as well as not having the constraints of learning within a school system. However, the most important ingredient would be for the parent to either have an entrepreneurial mindset or be open to learning this way of thinking.

Q: Is YES for the parents, children or both?

A: The answer is both. This is for the family as a whole. We are starting with guiding parents who will then teach and guide their children in these principles and ideals.

Q: If we are a homeschool family that is a part of YES, would this be a full homeschool curriculum?

A: The way we homeschool our children is not “school at home.” We take more of an unschooling approach, and base most of our learning and guiding around child-led interests. This is a unique approach because instead of teaching subjects separately, the subjects naturally overlap in a more realistic, real-life way of learning and application.

Q: Will my children be on the live calls?

A: Some of the live calls will be for the parents so we can discuss the topics and the best ways for parents to implement the ideas within their family. We will have calls that involve the children to participate as well. Our vision is to create a family community where the children can connect, learn and encourage one another as well as grow together.

Q: What if I cannot make the live calls?

A: No problem! All the live calls will be recorded and available to watch on replay. Questions can even be asked in advance, and we’ll be sure to address them on the calls!

Q: Is there a long-term commitment to join Youth Entrepreneur School?

A: Absolutely not! This is a month-by-month and you can cancel anytime.